Sunday, September 22, 2019

Pity The Poor Dictator When His Time is UP

Dictators by their nature will eventually go too far. They cannot help it. It is fixed in their personalities.

They usually come to power through a bloody revolution where part of the military sides with the government and part sides with the rebel leader-become-dictator. By whatever means the man ascends to the seat of power, he is destined to fail unless he can refrain from brutal enforcement of his every command.

Many dictators are revered by an adoring populace (at the beginning). Those who do not question his authority and allow themselves to be ruled and forego their own freedoms in order to allow the dictator to exorcize The Others will do well under his thumb.

But even the most benevolent of dictators use their unlimited power to squash dissent when it ultimately arises. His promises to the people are withdrawn. He cannot fulfill those promises and must blame someone because it is unthinkable (by himself) that his perfect plan and implementation were in some way deficient.

Most of the world's dictators do not last beyond a few years. Those who do become more despotic by the day. They squash protests, imprison opponents, execute resisters and journalists. In short, anyone who voices disapproval must go. The purges start with deportations and exile but soon ramp up to prison and disappearances.

In countries like North Korea and Saudi Arabia they have no compunction about summary executions. They make no bones about their brutality in order to serve as a deterrent to others. Several of the South American countries make the resistance disappear while maintaining a smiling face toward the world. They deny their brutality for as long as possible, but eventually that facade disintegrates too.

Here in America, we blindly elected a proto-dictator who immediately set to the task of consolidating his position as the supreme leader who cannot be touched by the law, the Congress or the Judiciary. His approach has been to foment chaos to a level where nobody is capable of focusing on a single issue. Congress cannot unify to act. The people cannot agree on whether he is or is not a dictator or whether being one is a good thing or bad. The Judiciary is being stacked to rubber stamp his authority to do whatever he thinks up to do.

Every vile act and policy has a hint of good in it. A cursory view of his "accomplishments" looks good at the surface, but look a bit deeper and the malicious aspects are exposed. Tax cuts on the wealthy give them money in their pockets to supposedly improve the economy, but all the cuts really are are Revenue Reduction Acts designed to hamstring the government and give cause to reducing the amount of money ordinary American have in their pockets. Cut revenues and you cannot effectively regulate the pollution corporations create in the absence of oversight and regulations.

Saving a few millions on SNAP funding to reduce the reliance of poor people on the government sounds good until you realize there are no opportunities for them to make up for the lost funds with any job they can get.
Stopping abortions sounds like a good and moral act until you see that the women who are getting the abortions cannot afford the additional mouth to feed (even as the dictator seeks to remove her SNAP funding for food.) Cutting through the propaganda about who seeks abortions and why one can see that the abortion is never entered into frivolously. It is not because the woman is promiscuous or vain, immoral or careless. It is because she sees the reality of that mouth to feed, the medical costs, the burden on her keeping a job and the effect on her existing children.

Stopping the killing of babies sounds noble but the tissue being aborted is far from being a baby. While it might have the potential of becoming a child, there is a reason it is called a fetus or embryo. Yeah, an egg could hatch into a chicken, but it is still just an egg.

The dictator cares not for the quality of the lives of the people but in controlling their actions and behaviors in such a manner as to maintain his dictatorship. Women with babies they cannot afford are controllable. The dictator finds it far easier to outlaw the abortion than to eliminate the need for it.

Dictators prescribing the permission for businesses to refuse services or employment to same-sex couples, transgender persons, persons with disabilities and anyone who is not like the business owners might please a few proprietors but ignores the fact that such people still need those services. It is only a quantum step from gender-discrimination back to racial and religious discrimination. The dictator thrives on such adversity.

The level of power and authority of dictators rises. Peaks and declines on a Bell-curve over time. The dictator will eventually be overthrown, but he can do a lot of generational damage before he is taken out.

Friday, September 6, 2019



A friend of mine asked me why I didn't shut up and let the President just do his job, the job he was chosen for. She treated my response as though it were a rhetorical question when I said, "do you really like the job he is doing and how he is doing it?" She would not or could not reply.

When the bully or tyrant keeps up his assault on you you must rebut and rebuff him at every move. Rest assured if you stop countering his moves, he won't. Giving up or giving in is surrender. You will pay the price; first for losing and then for working against him in the first place.

Silence is surrender. He who tires first loses. In this Presidential Administration there is no graceful winning as in Tennis. There is no leap over the net to shake hands with a worthy adversary. Indeed, this Administration has no adversaries, only enemies. It is not a game. It is a blood sport. There will be no drinks and a cigar in the clubhouse afterwards. More likely your head will be on a plaque in the hall.

No single man or woman can command the entire enterprise be it a corporation, a nation or a continent. The fallacy of domination is that there are millions of people who get the short end of the stick when a few people get the gem encrusted knobby end of the stick. Dictators succumb to the fate of a thousand cuts. Or Tens of thousands of cuts. He becomes engrossed in trying to defend each and every small assault on his empire. Therein lies the strategy in stopping the Tyrant.

He and his organization are already the defendants in hundreds of civil lawsuits. He and his organization face dozens of potential criminal indictments from multiple jurisdictions. The federal DOJ and those of several states have thick dockets with material ready for the opportunity to file and proceed. Each day that passed adds to the weight of the legal burdens facing him. A continuous stream of new cases turn up. The sources of evidence each must individually be enjoined to prohibit disclosure of records which will serve to topple the tyrant.

It is not they the legal jurisdictions who are merely amassing evidence against the dictator. It is he himself who has committed the violations and the jurisdictions are only uncovering the crimes. The crimes have already been committed. It only remains to use due process to prosecute and bring closure.

The approach of impugning the character and credibility of a few women accusers will not work when the crimes have been committed by a cohort of conspirators. The sexual accusations are necessarily a one-on-one, she said he said basis. There are few if any paper trails to follow. In the case of tax fraud, money laundering, income/loan manipulations, there are dozens of accessory perpetrators all of whom have a lot to lose if convicted. There are thousands of documents constituting tons of paper that will sink the guilty.

The powerful Justice-type folks will do their jobs and the rank and file people can do their part too. He loves misinformation, deception and diversion. Those strategies will be his downfall. Information overload and hammering away at his apparatus will wear him down. More investigations are surely forthcoming. This debacle of #Sharpiegate is merely the latest one.

Friday, July 19, 2019

America: Love It or Leave It

When you hear or chant “America: Love it or Leave it” what do you think it means? What is love for America? Exactly what is the America which is being referred to? It’s a simplistic concept and not one without analogous situations to be considered.

A child may not love a parent for the actions and behaviors of that parent but leaving the household is fraught with dangers which might be as perilous as staying under the roof of an abusive parent. A woman with toddler children is not in a position to pick up and leave the abusive husband, boyfriend or other head of household with the children in tow. Similarly she would be remiss in leaving those children behind to face the wrath of the abuser. For her the solution may be to force the abuser out in the hopes that he would eventually go away.

Leaving the country into which you were born is not the solution for people who are not benefiting from the resources that everyone else get a share of. Being told to leave it if you don’t like it is the message of the abuser. They count themselves as the rightful owner of the house, the country, the community assets which they are magnanimous enough to share as long as their rules are followed. “This is MY house and as long as you are under my roof and eat my food, you will obey MY rules.” How many of you have heard that from your father? He was declaring My house: Love It or Leave It.

While he might very well pay the rent or mortgage and foot the food bill for the household, he doesn’t own America. Each and every person who took their first breath inside the national borders is a part owner of all the resources this land has to offer. Every person granted citizenship by an act of government is likewise a citizen and entitled to a share. Problem is there are people who don’t recognize the rights of others. All that matters to them is what they want. How convenient it would be if every person who disagreed with them would go away and not act against them?

The short sighted consequence of that exodus would be no one to work for them or buy what they have to sell.

The America that the powerful ones tout is not the fun loving peaceful land of plenty for everyone. The “liberty and justice for all” part of the pledge to the flag is denied to many people. For them they love the ideals this country is supposed to stand for and are willing to fight against the usurping class to make it the country it claims to be. Leaving is not an option. Leaving is surrender. Leaving makes it impossible to correct the deficiencies.

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Rest is Yet to Come

As a Republican you may have not liked Barack Obama for a myriad of reasons. He was a Democrat (reason enough to not like him), he was black, he supported social funding that was to be paid for by more wealthy Republican people and corporations.

For the eight years of his Presidency and this year since, he has been disparaged as being a secret Muslim, not birthed on US soil, and for being the cause of racial tensions in this country.

While the first three attributes are intrinsic and indisputable, the latter three are conjecture, propaganda and most probably not true. Mostly he declined to dignify the accusations with any specific reply and went about doing his job, the job more Americans vote for than against. Twice. So what we have is accusations by pundits and conspiracy mongers about who President Obama is and what he did for (or to) the country.

Now we have a new person in the Office of President. What we know about him comes from listening to his own words effusing from his own mouth. We see his posture and demeanor, his praise and condemnation of specific people, and the nature of the people with whom he surrounds himself. We see the staff defections from the White house, we see the firings of his own cabinet level appointments, we see and hear the vitriol he shouts at his nearly bi-weekly campaign rallies.

Whereas, Obama was able to be positively judged by the character of his actions and policies, Trump cannot. In the absence of positive outcomes of any of his actions or policies he must stand before the choir and preach the Gospel of Donald and bask in the adulation of a few thousands of his loyal followers on a regular schedule. He must keep his message in the faces of those people lest they fall from his grace and turn away from his "church."

Donald Trump's rhetoric falls quite flat unless he denigrates an opponent and claim the pious position. In short, his gospel needs a devil or many demons to be the cause of everything wrong while he is the savior. Obama, Hillary, HER EMAILS, the biased FBI and DOJ, the Fake News. Without referencing them he has nothing good to say or report. He conveniently omits any negativity associated with him.

No mention of children being mistreated by ICE personnel. No mention of financial hardships he created with wild and poorly conceived tariffs. No concern for climatic conditions which have actually begun to manifest as wildfires, floods, tides lapping at the stoop of mansions-by-the-sea. The undoing of education, voting rights, consumer financial protections, air quality, water quality, and all around national infrastructure security. In Donald Trump's play book all of these negatives accrue to his greater score. When playing an endgame all outrageous acts are positives.

The economy is represented by an equation. There is an Equals Sign in the middle. When he says the economy is doing great, it means that corporate earnings and profits are up but on the other side of the EQ is labor costs are down. While a CEO loves such a bottom line, workers can't pay their bills and their lives go down in quality. Eliminating environmental constraints may increase shareholder value, but everyone else must live with the pollution.

Deporting people who have been in the US sometimes for decades may bolster his credibility for being tough on immigration, but they are people with families and lives built here. Tossing people out without considering the consequences leads to forcing vulnerable people back into the hands of oppressors from which they fled. The lives they fled are on the other side of that EQ Sign.

The Latin phrase ipso facto means the facts speak for themselves. The Trump Administration is so far into the swamp that in will never find its way out. It and the people who comprise it will need to be led out by the FBI and the DOJ but then only to face the actions they used to get them entrenched in the first place. Hundreds of indictment charges against dozens of people and businesses have already happened. Convictions and guilty pleas are fait accompli (French phrase definition - a thing accomplished and presumably irreversible.)

The propagandists can claim prior administrations were similarly criminal but the complete lack of legal actions against them belies that assertion. We have seen the tip of the corruption iceberg. The best is yet to come.

Monday, January 22, 2018

I'm Stuck in a Loop

I am stuck in a loop where the only things which seem worthy of being written about I've covered over and over in one post or another. Trump. Hunger. Non-employment. Inequity. A need for structural change in our economy. The neglect of governance for the needs of people.

I'll start writing on a "new topic" and within a very few sentences, I am back pounding on the same old theme. If it were a new topic and I got fixated on it (and not reverting to the old stuff) I could write on it for quite some time.

This is not one of them so I am stopping here.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Trumpian Deflection Gambit

Each day, Donald Trump awakens and begins his all-to-familiar Tweet session. His two themes are "what I did which is better than any man before me" and "what other people did that surely will deflect attention from collusion with Russians against the USA."

Both themes are in a perpetual state of failure. On the first theme, nobody who doesn't already support him like a cult leader is convinced to throw their new support behind him.

On the second theme, people who support him like a cult leader have decided they don't care about Russian involvement in US Politics because they have the President they wanted. They already exhibit a huge example of not caring. They don't care how many indigenous people had to be killed to keep the oil pipes flowing and their fuel tanks full.

People who #resist Trump and his cadre of fools cannot keep focused on the myriad of topics Trump puts out into the public square. There are so many items no one could keep track of them, even Trump himself.

It is good Robert Mueller doesn't have to follow up on every red herring Trump tossed out. He has already formed his agenda, knows who are going to be the ones potentially indicted, and when in the time line that will occur. The Trumpian Deflection Gambit may work to befuddle ordinary citizens, but a professional investigator and prosecutor such as Mueller will not become entangled in the hoopla stirred up by Fox News, et al, and Trump himself. He has the roadmap spread out before him and his staff and they only need to mark off how far they have come and which roads are not worthy of following.

Meanwhile the nation watches as Donald Trump sinks into his twilight world of contempt for everything good Congress the former Executive and the Judiciary ever did. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Politics and the Undiscovered Lie

In a recent meme shared by an extreme conservative FB friend, people were saying what ought to be done to a Muslim refugee who molested a child. The comments became quite graphic with the least being immediate deportation. Everyone neglected the fact that the vast majority of all molested children were assaulted by a friend of the family or an older relative. They were extremely self-righteous in their indignation. Now today we have men who many years ago engaged in what is known as the Undiscovered Lie. They lived the good life in the absence of public knowledge of what they did to someone's underage child.

Now today they are faced with the accusations and shame for what they did. Some men own up to the truth while others try to deflect and deny. Each of them has a singular guilt or innocence for which they will have to stand judgement.

The problem is when the man is a politician, there are political supporters who will vote for his candidacy knowing the preponderance of evidence which supports the allegations against him. They become enraged at anyone who points at the allegations and suggests he is not suitable to make decisions on behalf of a decent society.

The lengths the supporters will go is exemplified by this chain of events. Sean Hannity speaks in favor of alleged molester Roy Moore. Coffee machine maker Keurig pulls its advertising dollars from Hannity's Fox show. Keurig machine owners video themselves smashing their coffee makers in protest. Through the line of succession, these people are showing their approval of the act of sexual activity between a 32 year old man and a 14 year old girl.

They don't care what he has done. One delusional Evangelical Pastor even tried to point to the Bible to say what he did was alright. Apparently Conservative Politics trumps child abuse and sexual assault. What ever became of family values?

Roy Moore is running for the Senate. No surprises, as a Republican. With his name remaining on the ballot he will garner tens of thousands of votes even in light of his immoral activities. Some people will only recall seeing his name in the news but not why. Others will know exactly that he is accused of and vote for him any way. Millions of voters favored Donald Trump in this manner a year ago in November 2016. They knew his reputation and decided he exemplified their morality.