Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Undiscovered Lie (another one)

The Principle of Imminent Collapse includes the ramifications of the Undiscovered Lie when it is ultimately discovered. Great men and women have fallen from positions of power and influence because of the dishonesty of their actions. They may have righteously gained that position of power and influence only to lose it. Others would never have amounted to anything unless they employed the Lie in the first place. The men and women of this nation's police departments are no less likely to fall to their Undiscovered Lies.

Nazi Germany employed the Lie to dramatic and tragic affect by convincing the world, or at least enough of it, that they were being beneficial to the greater good by persecuting the Jewish population, Roma, Hungarians, persons with disabilities and all sorts of other classifications of people. They were mechanical and efficient in their exterminations of large numbers of people so much so that many people in the world could not grasp the reality of it. Even today there are those people who refuse to believe the magnitude of the killing.

The Catholic Church has been reeling from the Undiscovered Lie since the first revelations of child abuse, pedophilia, and homosexuality hit the headlines revealing the size and scope of the transgressions of present priests and the men who later became bishops and cardinals. The church hierarchy actively engaged to cover up and dismiss the allegations while transferring the offenders from one location to another in a pious shell game. Men who were looked up to with high admiration for their godliness and piety were exposed for the sins they committed with worldly impunity for decades.

If you look at the reports that police officers file relating to their shift work and the people they arrest, one would see that every beaten suspect was resisting a righteous arrest, every suspect who was gunned down by one or more officers were responding to "threatening gestures", the appearance that the person had a weapon, he lunged at the officer, the suspect actually did have a weapon that mysteriously disappeared or was produced even though the dead suspect had no previous history of crime, carrying a weapon, etc.

Every bruised or bashed face was the suspects' own doing to try to gain sympathy or cast the Police in a bad light. This is what the reports all say.

Witnesses who contradict the official version of events are suspected of siding with the suspect for racial reasons, or mere hatred of the police. Prosecutors and juries like to side with the police just to be sure that a violent criminal doesn't escape justice.

With the advent of the ubiquitous cell phone video cameras tangible evidence is surfacing that demonstrates what previously would have been an Undiscovered Lie. Police officers arrest people, take them in for processing and write an arrest report that fits all the facts that they need in order to justify the arrest. In the past there would not be any way to contest the veracity of the accuser. Now, however, after the report is filed and in the computerized system, it is less vulnerable to being adulterated. Then the video evidence shows up and proves the officer lied.

With the Lie now discovered, it becomes the officers' and co-conspirators task to spin a plausible timeline and story out of that is now presented before them. Each frame of the video is perused for any indications that the interpretation made by the accused is somehow wrong. The Police Department seeks to obfuscate on the basis that "we don't see what lead up to this altercation or what happens after the recording stops. A case in point is a recent arrest by two DC Transit officers who yank a black man out of his powered wheelchair and throw him on the sidewalk ventilation grating of one of the subway lines. They handcuff him and leave him laying on the pavement with profusely bleeding facial lacerations. All the while a bystander videos the events until he is forced to retreat. Amazingly a district judge refused to indict the officers for any sort of mistreatment of this man.

The #Occupy protests all over the nation and indeed the world has relied heavily on these video recordings to expose the Undiscovered Lies that police are using to justify their mistreatment of citizens. Video clips first show up on the Internet. After that they become of interest to prosecution and defense attorneys alike in the courtroom.

The actions of prosecutors and judges seem incongruous in light of the tangible persistent imagery that proved that a police officer lied. He may also have perjured himself if he spoke his lies in the court. The courts are not interested in maligning the "other good works" of officers who have gotten caught lying.

If a prosecutor pursues a case against officers, he will not be later able to rely on them or their fellow officers when they are needed. Just keep in mind that the job of a prosecutor is to convict the accused whether he is guilty or not. He or she only has the evidence provided by the police to go by. If officers fabricate a case, the prosecutor doesn't want to know about that.

The Undiscovered Lie has farther reaching ramifications too. If an officer lies to get a conviction in one case, he might have done it before. He might do it again. This is just the same as the justification of overturning a guilty verdict when there is a preponderance of evidence that the convicted party is innocent of the crimes convicted of. After all, he must have been guilty of "Something." Maintaining the conviction does two things. It keeps the allegedly guilty person out of circulation and it keeps the prosecutors from having to review every case than might be tainted by an Undiscovered Lie. Nonetheless, the police officers are liars and impugn the integrity of every man and woman who wears the badge. When officers act by and for the powerful elite, they lose their honor as protectors of the citizens they are sworn to Protect and Serve.

It is possible that they always only served the powerful elite and service to the people may always have been a myth. The discovery of the Undiscovered Lies will alter the perceptions of even the most skeptical people among us.