Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Truth About Chemtrails

Any conspiracy theorist worth his salt can tell you that governments are poisoning the human race with the dispersal of airborne chemicals, heavy metals and even viruses. They point to the white trails that aircraft make as the criss-cross the skies. Somehow they see a difference between the contrails that high altitude jets make as they disturb the stratosphere with their wings. Some of the condensations ultimately comes from the burnt aviation fuel but mostly the moisture was already there but invisible until the jets stir up the air and the water condenses. Usually the condensation just re-vaporizes and disappears from our sight.

The theorists claim that the trails that remain for hours are the results of a covert plan to do something sinister to the planet and to mankind. Such claims range from manipulation of the weather so as to control food production and thereby maximize profits for agri-businesses to population control by lowering sperm counts and virility of men. Other claims are to induce cancers and viral diseases that will cull earth's human population to about 1 billion people. Another claim is that they are poisoning the human race as collateral damage to an attempt to stem global warming by reducing the amount of sunlight that heats the oceans.

There seems to be little consensus among the many Internet-based purveyors of theory. What each person has in common is the notoriety he or she receives from a cadre of followers who believe the conspiracy because it was couched in terms of a conspiracy which the listener want to be true.

The facts are that cloud seeding has been going on for decades in order to provide microscopic particles in the atmosphere onto which water molecules can attach and make rain droplets that will precipitate. If the shadowy presence wanted to decrease solar heat accumulation through the atmosphere they certainly would not do it over land. It would be far more effective in equatorial ocean areas where no one would be seeing it done.

What is most interesting as a characteristic of the conspiracy theorists is that they put forth sinister governmental/corporate actions while ignoring the obvious vectors of doom that mankind is doing to himself without a master plan to do so.

The theorists are silent on the billions of tons of carbon-dioxide that we pump into the atmosphere each year that is causing the warming that "someone is trying to counter". Why not just stop the cause rather than seek a remedy?

Agri-business and pharmaceutical companies have been producing toxins and body/mind altering chemicals for decades. These substances leak into our water and air in huge quantities. The EPA even has a permitting process by which corporations can dispose of chemical byproducts by injecting them into old oil and gas wells. These substances pollute the ground water that is either withdrawn by domestic wells or leaches back to the surface through other old well casings that they did not consider.

Agri-businesses regularly create and distribute genetically modified organisms without proving their safety in the environment at large. One single field of GMO corn or wheat is capable of polluting the entire crop of every field across the nation. Millions of square miles of crops can be permanently contaminated with seeds that carry the mutant genes. We have little knowledge of what this altered gnome will produce as it mutates itself outside the laboratory that created the initial changes. Where is the conspiracy theorist to warn us of the dangers there?

Coal burning electric plants emit millions of tons of pollutants into the atmosphere every year. Among the substances are sulfur, mercury, antimony, lead and other trace heavy metals. All the chemtrail aircraft cannot hope to keep pace with the coal industry in disbursing the same quantity of pollutants in the air.

There are 104 nuclear reactors licensed at 65 sites in the United States. Additionally there are decommissioned reactors and military reactors in various places. None of these reactors has any plan for the ultimate disposal of their nuclear wastes. They all archive that toxic waste on-site in cooling pools that must be maintained lest they over heat and release massive amounts of radiation. While under normal circumstances the wastes are well protected and pose little danger, the kinds of abnormal events such as the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the Fukushima Daiichi plane in Japan do happen and all safeguards that were imagined fail to protect us from that danger. Planet Earth has been polluted with radiation from that plant for 10,000 years at least.

Even though the prior explosion at the Chernobyl plant in the Ukraine added to the radiation loose on the planet, the 100's of air, ground and underwater nuclear detonations have added more toxic isotopes than either of the two "accidents." Such levels of radiation far surpasses anything that a fleet of jets could disperse in a chemtrail. Ultimately the governments of the world did something about the problem with first the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty than the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. That stopped the contamination of the planet with stupid insistence on detonating nuclear bombs. The biggest peril that humans face is not war. It is not hurricanes. It's not a pandemic disease. It's not even sea level rise due to Arctic ice melt. What it is is the change in weather patterns that impact the availability of fresh water and the growing of food crops. The summer of 2012 brought with it a US Heartland drought that decimated the crop yields. The East Coast received more than its share of precipitation as the weather patterns had shifted a thousand miles eastward. So far the world has only been inconvenienced by Supply and Demand price increases. Two or three years of this shifted weather pattern could make the total amount of food produced be too little to feed everyone.

Climate change driven by a warmer atmosphere will do several things. Changes in crop yield is but one. Warmer oceans will cause algae blooms and smaller fish and crustaceans. Much of the world depends of protein from the sea. The third item is the snow fall in high elevations that remain through the Summer to feed the rivers in otherwise arid regions. When the water stops flowing, that region may be doomed.

The Mighty Mississippi River was humbled this year by the drought in the Midwest. If that persists, we could be in for some terrible times ahead. So chemtrails or not, our bigger concerns are just what nature has in store for us from our neglectful treatment in most everything we do.
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