Friday, September 6, 2019



A friend of mine asked me why I didn't shut up and let the President just do his job, the job he was chosen for. She treated my response as though it were a rhetorical question when I said, "do you really like the job he is doing and how he is doing it?" She would not or could not reply.

When the bully or tyrant keeps up his assault on you you must rebut and rebuff him at every move. Rest assured if you stop countering his moves, he won't. Giving up or giving in is surrender. You will pay the price; first for losing and then for working against him in the first place.

Silence is surrender. He who tires first loses. In this Presidential Administration there is no graceful winning as in Tennis. There is no leap over the net to shake hands with a worthy adversary. Indeed, this Administration has no adversaries, only enemies. It is not a game. It is a blood sport. There will be no drinks and a cigar in the clubhouse afterwards. More likely your head will be on a plaque in the hall.

No single man or woman can command the entire enterprise be it a corporation, a nation or a continent. The fallacy of domination is that there are millions of people who get the short end of the stick when a few people get the gem encrusted knobby end of the stick. Dictators succumb to the fate of a thousand cuts. Or Tens of thousands of cuts. He becomes engrossed in trying to defend each and every small assault on his empire. Therein lies the strategy in stopping the Tyrant.

He and his organization are already the defendants in hundreds of civil lawsuits. He and his organization face dozens of potential criminal indictments from multiple jurisdictions. The federal DOJ and those of several states have thick dockets with material ready for the opportunity to file and proceed. Each day that passed adds to the weight of the legal burdens facing him. A continuous stream of new cases turn up. The sources of evidence each must individually be enjoined to prohibit disclosure of records which will serve to topple the tyrant.

It is not they the legal jurisdictions who are merely amassing evidence against the dictator. It is he himself who has committed the violations and the jurisdictions are only uncovering the crimes. The crimes have already been committed. It only remains to use due process to prosecute and bring closure.

The approach of impugning the character and credibility of a few women accusers will not work when the crimes have been committed by a cohort of conspirators. The sexual accusations are necessarily a one-on-one, she said he said basis. There are few if any paper trails to follow. In the case of tax fraud, money laundering, income/loan manipulations, there are dozens of accessory perpetrators all of whom have a lot to lose if convicted. There are thousands of documents constituting tons of paper that will sink the guilty.

The powerful Justice-type folks will do their jobs and the rank and file people can do their part too. He loves misinformation, deception and diversion. Those strategies will be his downfall. Information overload and hammering away at his apparatus will wear him down. More investigations are surely forthcoming. This debacle of #Sharpiegate is merely the latest one.

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