Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Ipso Facto, Mr. Trump.

Ipso Facto. (the facts speak for themselves.)

Russian election interference. Trump-Russia collusion. Just a friendly "hail fellow well met." Treason at the highest level. Foreign state involvement in US democratic processes.  Depending on whether you are in jeopardy of Federal prison time or not, your opinion about what the evidence shows will be different.

There are dozens of men and women in the Trump Administration who made the transition from the Campaign who were intricately involved in the dialog with foreign agents to position Donald Trump as the President of the USA. It doesn't matter who approached whom. It does not matter whether the dialog was face-to-face, by email or go-between. It doesn't matter whether the outcome was substantive, abortive or incidental. The fact of the communiqué without disclosure, intentionally hidden or inappropriately omitted from the public record shows that there is influence between the foreign state of Russia, its leaders and oligarchs.

Donald Trump ACTS like an instrument of the Russian government, which essentially is Vladimir Putin himself. He can say nothing disreputable about the man. He fawns over the ability of the man to command his government, its bureaucrats and military.

By Donald Trump, Jr.'s own public statements a sizable portion of the Trump brand wealth is inextricably tied to Russian "investors' who lent the money that funds at least in part every Trump® endeavor. It will require the services of dozens of Forensic Accounts for months on end to isolate Trump wealth from Russian money.

When a businessman receives a loan for $50m on property valued at $25m and purchased for $8m, someone is the benefactor and someone is the beneficiary of a huge favor. Favors always come in two parts. The Favor and the Quid Pro Quo. An "investor" who has essentially no financial limit, lends his money to someone who has nowhere else to go, the payback is not the principle but the quid pro quo. In this case, the Russian investor expects US policy and economic access to be made conducive to their goals and objectives. They expect Donald Trump to direct US policy in directions favorable to them.

Whether or not Russian activities tipped the @016 Presidential election or and of the dozens of House and Senate seats in the US Congress or any of the State Legislatures... ipso facto!

Facebook acknowledges there were an "unknown" number of political ads associated with Russian accounts. Now who they were, what was said and how big the effort was is being walked back by the social media platform. Millions of Twitter accounts spontaneously mobilize with every anti-trump Tweet with Pro-Trump/Anti-Clinton posting.

Whether the activities of Russian or any other inappropriate apparatus tipped the election to Trump, there certainly was a strong attempt to do so. The ability of a few well connected individually to alter electronic voting results is well established. Then you have that exactly 4 of the "swing state" voter counts went uncharacteristically to Trump in the late hours of the election returns. Those same 4 states called Trump as winner by less than 1% and below the automatic recount threshold. Where paper tabulation was in place there were no such anomalies. Some states where there were Red dominated legislatures, the number of denied voters in minority Democrat precincts was higher than the number of votes Trump won by in that state.

One confirms the intent of others not by what they say but be what they do. Trump claims the media make up false stories about him even when there is video or audio transcripts to prove who is lying. Similarly, the media doesn't have to fabricate a story or create a spin when the man's personal appearances in front of his own audience show who the man really is. Ipso facto.

From his own fingertips we receive his daily dump of what is in his head. From the actual news coverage we see how he acts and that he thinks about the people of this nation. When he is acting the role of the insensitive jerk, we have that on tape. It is no wonder he is loath to record official telephone calls or require transcripts of meetings. The facts of the communication are far easier to deflect about and deny when we must rely on his staff's memory and attitudes about what they heard. Meanwhile watching him in action, watching is vacation and golf schedule, reading his own unvarnished words provides everyone with the undeniable truth. Ipso facto.

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