Saturday, November 18, 2017

Trumpian Deflection Gambit

Each day, Donald Trump awakens and begins his all-to-familiar Tweet session. His two themes are "what I did which is better than any man before me" and "what other people did that surely will deflect attention from collusion with Russians against the USA."

Both themes are in a perpetual state of failure. On the first theme, nobody who doesn't already support him like a cult leader is convinced to throw their new support behind him.

On the second theme, people who support him like a cult leader have decided they don't care about Russian involvement in US Politics because they have the President they wanted. They already exhibit a huge example of not caring. They don't care how many indigenous people had to be killed to keep the oil pipes flowing and their fuel tanks full.

People who #resist Trump and his cadre of fools cannot keep focused on the myriad of topics Trump puts out into the public square. There are so many items no one could keep track of them, even Trump himself.

It is good Robert Mueller doesn't have to follow up on every red herring Trump tossed out. He has already formed his agenda, knows who are going to be the ones potentially indicted, and when in the time line that will occur. The Trumpian Deflection Gambit may work to befuddle ordinary citizens, but a professional investigator and prosecutor such as Mueller will not become entangled in the hoopla stirred up by Fox News, et al, and Trump himself. He has the roadmap spread out before him and his staff and they only need to mark off how far they have come and which roads are not worthy of following.

Meanwhile the nation watches as Donald Trump sinks into his twilight world of contempt for everything good Congress the former Executive and the Judiciary ever did. 

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